We are Ethereall

Ethereall is established by a group of young entrepreneurs and designers whom specializes in residential, commercial, hospitality, F&B and retail spaces. Experienced in interior architecture, design and fashion, the company believes that designs should not only be catered for aesthetic purposes. Every design should simplify the experience and utilization of space to complement users.

As the name suggests, the company hope that the spaces that are designed will be able to provide an evolution in status, comfort, lifestyles, experiences and convenience.

Meet the team

Gwenn ChuaDesign Director
BA(Hons) in Fashion Design and Textile
Diploma in Interior Design

Our Ideology

To redefine spaces

Spaces are defined by our memory. As what Dewey J. explained in his The Reflex Arc Concept in Psychology, people recognize spaces or experiences through the exposure of such past experience and knowledge. As such, many spaces and its atmospheric applications are pre-defined or stereotyped today like how a Spa will look like a Spa or a temple that looks like a temple. Furthermore, understanding such preconceived notion leads to the formation of definite interpretation of a space, and subsequently being reused or duplicated around the world.

That is not what a designer should be looking at! One of the greatest challenges every designers, architects and artists is obtaining the ability to break such impression and/or pushing the boundaries to start the next Avant Garde.

Spaces are like living objects, it interacts with us

There are many topics such as Immateriality in spaces, the sublimity in spaces, atmospheric spaces, organic architectures, etc. were discussed and written by famous architects, designers, philosophers and artists such as James Turrel, Frank Lloyd Wright and Rem Koolhaas. Even architects such as Francis C written in his architecture – form, space and order describe the type of interior architectural relationship in spaces.

May but not known, not many have discussed on how forms and elements are expressed like living objects. Forms and elements are created with conceptual ideas that can describe the articulated patterns in a space. However, with other contributors such as materials, lights, furniture and functions, the space become a community and a spatial culture.

These contributors can be seen as individual or as culture (composition) as a whole and either way will or will not interact with us differently.

Our Workflow

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